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I was trying to approach Miyazaki's stage. To make characters tender and pure.And that,at lest I believe, is my style.This is a girl whose name is Riffle in my story Inside the Circle.But for some reason,it looks like a boy.What do you think?
Story overview:
what do you expect inside of a volcano(see picture beneath)?people believe that is a dominant volcano just as the others. But one day,a boy whose name is Billow fall into the volcano because of a parachute accident, he found out that people live inside are not the normal people,they are all women and girls who have furs covered their body like delicate fashion.they have small dragonfly-liked wings on their heads.The whole island is suppurt by its own eco-system.When people see Billow,they trap him in order to keep their home a secret to outsiders. As time pass by,nobody concerns about Billow. Wave and Riffle become friends with him.And it is untill Billow figured out where did Wave's grand-ma and mother go, and what's their mysterious Fatherkeeps hiding from them, does Wave realise they all should go outside, to be in human's sociaty.But, when they are ready to leave, Wave disappears and the vocano erupts.
Character cast
the hero,a 15 year old black boy.
an asian looking girl, about 19, her duty in this island is to punish the naughty kids.So kids terrified of her.Rumor goes that she's as cruel as her step mother,but in fact,she suffers because she always has to sacrifies her feelings to do what she told to do.
Wave's half sister and her only friend , a 8 year old blonde girl, sweet-tempered
Wave's step mother, who is indiferent and judgemental.
the only male and human in this place, He did something bad(which he does not tell throughout the story).After found out the vocano,he became the ruler.


Nooree K said...

hey sylvie, cool character!
umm for my painting i actually just painted it on photoshop :D

jurffy said...

1st year?
nice work :)